MotoGP 2018

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Become the star of the 2018 MotoGPu2122 season! Pursue your career as a professional rider starting from the Red Bull MotoGPu2122 Rookies Cup up to the Premier class of the MotoGPu2122.
rRace with all the riders of the MotoGPu2122 on 19 official tracks, including the new Buriram International Circuit in Thailand and enjoy an even more immersive experience thanks to new features and a new edition of the MotoGPu2122 eSport Championship.
rFeel like a professional rider, decide how to change your bike, learn how to manage tyre wear and use the MotoGPu2122 ID to monitor your progress. Following your friends' races has never been so simple thanks to the new cameras that can be set to Spectator Mode.