Hidden Dragon: Legend

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Powered by the Unreal 4 Engine, Hidden Dragon will make players utilize all their skills in combat, acrobatics, and puzzle-solving to navigate their way through tough enemies, powerful bosses and Metroidvania-style puzzles while building their fighter through an extensive skill tree that allows players to customize their fighting style.

u2022tAction packed gameplayu2014 2.5D hack and slash platform gameplay, uniquely set in the imperial and martial times of Tang China.

u2022tSlice and dice with combosu2014 Dispel foes with a variety of attacks, devastating them with stunning combos and abilities

u2022tFight with skill and styleu2014 Battle through waves of enemies using lightning-fast, deadly attacks, or perfectly time a dash to counter-attack adding even more combos.

u2022tThe more you kill, the stronger you getu2014 Use soul stones you gain by defeating your enemies to expand your characteru2019s skill-tree, combos and stats.

u2022tGet acrobaticu2014 Jump, swim, and grapple to avoid obstacles, escape enemies and clear missions through vibrant, detailed levels inspired by ancient China and the paranormal universe.

u2022tPlenty of challengeu2014 A hardcore platformer in every sense of the word, and those who want an extra challenge can unlock the epic Hard Mode after finishing the regular game.