Batman: Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn (DLC)

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DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU PRE-ORDERED THIS GAME OR PURCHASED A SEASON PASS. For the first time in the Arkham series take on the role of Jokeru2019s psychotic side-kick Harley Quinn and wreak havoc inside the Blu00fcdhaven Police Department as you smash, crash and bash your way to a friend very much in need. With this exclusive Story Pack experience events in the lead-up to Arkham Knight as you infiltrate Blu00fcdhaven to rescue your partner in crime: Poison Ivy. Baseball bat in hand, lure unsuspecting enemies with the u2018Jack-in-the-box,u2019 entangle them with your u2018Snare Trapu2019, or unleash u2018Mayhem Modeu2019 to savor Harleyu2019s devastatingly chaotic nature first-hand.